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Bookkeeping and proofreading are two distinct but important activities in the world of business.

Both bookkeeping and proofreading require attention to detail and accuracy, as well as the ability to work with specialised tools and software. While bookkeeping focuses on financial data, proofreading focuses on written material, but both are essential for ensuring that businesses and publishers maintain their standards of quality and accuracy.


Bookkeeping involves the process of recording financial transactions of a business, including sales, purchases, receipts, and payments.

Bookkeepers use specialised software or spreadsheets to organise and maintain financial records. 

These are used to create financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements. Accurate bookkeeping is essential for businesses to maintain their financial health, comply with tax laws, and make informed decisions based on financial data.


Bookkeeping Services

  • Recording financial transactions: purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.
  • Reconciling accounts: ensuring that all accounts are properly reconciled and balanced.
  • Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable: sending invoices, tracking payments, and managing outstanding balances.
  • Payroll management: Bookkeepers manage payroll for their clients, including calculating employee salaries and wages, preparing payslips, and managing payroll taxes.
  • Financial reporting: balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, to provide clients with an accurate picture of their financial position.
  • Tax preparation: Bookkeepers prepare and file tax returns, ensuring compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations.
Overall, bookkeepers provide essential financial services to businesses and individuals, helping to ensure that their finances are properly managed and accurately reported.


In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, the ability to communicate effectively is more important than ever.

With so much information being exchanged through written communication channels such as emails, reports, and social media posts, it’s essential that your message is clear, concise, and error-free. This is where proofreading as a service comes in.

Proofreading is the process of carefully reviewing written content to ensure that it’s free of errors and communicates the intended message effectively. In this context, proofreading can be seen as a valuable service that helps individuals and businesses to enhance the quality of their written communication, avoid misunderstandings, and project a professional image to their audience.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a business owner, using proofreading services can be an investment in your success, allowing you to communicate more effectively and achieve your goals.


Why do you need a proofreader?


Proper spelling and grammar demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail. When you communicate clearly and accurately, it shows that you take your work seriously and that you respect the person you’re communicating with.


Good spelling and grammar help to ensure that your message is clear and easy to understand. When your writing is free of errors, the reader can focus on the content of your message, rather than being distracted by mistakes.


If your writing is riddled with spelling and grammar errors, it can undermine your credibility. Your audience may question your ability to perform your job effectively if you can’t
Overall, good spelling and grammar are essential to effective communication in business.

Proofreading Services

  • Basic proofreading: This involves correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It is a simple check for mistakes in a document.
  • Content editing: This involves checking for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and overall writing style. Content editing also includes checking for consistency in tone, voice, and writing style, as well as checking for accuracy, completeness, and relevance of the content.
  • Copy editing: This involves checking for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and overall writing style. Copy editing ensures that the document is clear, concise, and free of errors.
  • Proofreading for specific audiences: This involves proofreading for specific audiences, such as children or non-native speakers of the language.

About Me

Welcome to Removing Errors and thank you for visiting our site. Here is a quick introduction of what we are about.

My name is Alison Thraves, aka Alicat because I am an avid cat lover and overall animal lover. (for people who don’t like cats, please don’t be put off).

I have over 25 years’ experience in Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Human Resources. I am disciplined, dedicated, ethical, hardworking, and am able to meet strict deadlines. I enjoy dealing with people and have excellent communication and administrative skills. I have worked in various industries including Construction, Hospitality and Transport.

I have always been an avid reader and after seeing many errors, I decided to branch out into proofreading.

I am a qualified TEFL/TESOL teacher. I was awarded my certificate in 2001.

I am professional, will always go out of my way to help (probably to my detriment at times) and am always willing to go an extra mile.

Alison Thraves

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